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  Animation_: Meats Meier 3d Artist

Frankly astounding 3d animation from a guy named Meats Meier. Really really good. Talent is not the word. Meats - if you see this please let me know how you did this?

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This video was created by first filming the backgrounds with a Digital Video camera. Then the footage was "3d motion tracked" by a program called "Boujou". It can figure out where and how the camera was moving and builds a virtual version of it that you can add to a 3d scene. 3d objects are created, textured and lit and then finally animated and rendered. It is then composited into the footage and if everything lines up you are finished.
Meats Meier
Wow! I am very pleased to get a response from the artist himself! Thank you for the information, I am pleased to promote your work on this blog and look forward to seeing more of your work soon. I will be reading up on the Boujou package and it's capabilities as I would love to learn about it - Thanks again for getting in touch and keep up the good work!
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