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  Music_: Nik Kershaw - The Riddle

Listening to the radio today - I heard a Nik Kershaw song played in the GOLDEN OLDIE HOUR!!!!! It has finally happened, songs from my youth are not "Golden Oldies". Depressing. Here is a Video of the Riddle by Nik Kershaw.


In the 2000s, the onset for 1980s nostalgia brought Kershaw back into the public eye to discuss the heights of his career and it was at this point that he revealed that "The Riddle" meant, in fact, nothing. He just threw a collection of random lines together in haste after persuasion from others in the recording studio, having initially just intended to arrange and record the piece as an instrumental. He added that he could not say anything at the time because he was receiving thousands of essays and theses on the song, establishing what "The Riddle" meant and stood for, and what the answer was, and he did not want to disappoint people.

What a nice man... (source -

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