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  TV_: Classic Louie the Fly Australian Commercial
The classic 1962 ad featuring Mortein's mascot Louie the Fly, along with the jingle which made him an Australian icon.
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Funny_: Psychic Uri Geller busted on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show!

You have to laugh - I, like most people on Earth, don't really have much time for this fraudster or in fact ANY "psychic". Enjoy this clip watching him get humiliated big style.
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  WOW_: Kai Tak International Airport
Hong Kong?s Kai Tak International Airport (now closed) was legendary for its approach procedure, which was offset 90 degrees from the runway heading. Pilots of even the largest jumbo jets had to make a tight turn at low altitude just seconds before touching down. Here, a Korean Airlines 747 makes what, believe it or not, is a typical approach into this airport.
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  Funny_: Dumb Thief gets caught in a Trap
A dumb thief goes to steal but he gets trapped.
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  WOW_: Space invaders for real

Space invaders for real
Video sent by loranger
Play Space Invaders for real with a sympathizing audience.
Installation from Swiss' Belluard festival
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Funny_: Ricky Gervais with Peter Crouch and Wayne Rooney

Very funny... especially Ian Wright's slightly odd comment at the end.
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WOW_: Quick Change Artists on America's Got "Talent"

Just amazing! Really Really.
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  Cartoon_: Terry Gilliam in South Park

Found in south park
Video sent by ninochka
Very Very Funny
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  Crash_: Corvette Crashes in Police Chase
Yikes - he just pops out of the car and looks a bit dazed.
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  Music_: Rocky Took A Lover
Short preview of what I think is going to be a BIG summer hit.
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