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  WOW_: Jumping Out of Windows Into Snow
5th story windows that is! It's 100 degrees in NYC right now so this clip seems fitting.
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Cute_: Sleepy Baby Monkey named Mercutio

Just adorable... Oh... bit of vomit there... i'm ok.
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Wow: Girl takes pic of herself every day for 3 years
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OK - I have noticed that I have been posting up a lot of music recently. This is not always what people want from this blog. So all MUSIC VIDEOS will be posted to a new and exciting new video blog:

The KiTT NeT Music Video Blog

Each music post will have lyrics, guitar tabs & chords. It will ROCK. So head over there and subscribe today!

The Video of the Day Blog will continue to serve up the ever popular; funny, astounding, amazing and entertaining movies from all over the internet. Hope you continue to enjoy it as much as I love posting to it.

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  Music_: The Cure - close to me
Music_: The Cure - close to me

This is my last of the Cure tribute videos. The BEST song and the BEST video. Everything about the Cure rocked in the 80's and 90's, I hope they come back again soon. Respect to The Cure.
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  Music_: The Cure - Friday I'm In Love
Music_: The Cure - Friday Im in Love

Totally HAPPY song from these miserable UK goth rockers - you have to smile at the fact there is still an underlying sadness in Rob Smith's voice - great video. More Cure to come.

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Music_: Bell X1 - Eve the apple of my eye

Listening to this group on my stereo right now - this song is great - also listen to:

Bad Hair Day
Rocky took a lover
and Lamposts

You will love it...

Bell X1 can accurately be described as a Coldplay sound but less whiney and just better :)
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Car_: Speed bump in Dubai + flying Gallardo

Very funny
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  WOW_: Pen light

Pen light
Video sent by jtbjid
Amazing: only made with a video camera and some lights. And a lot of patience i guess...
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Music_: The Cure - Lovecats

I declare today The Cure video day... no reason. Just started thinking about my misspent youth where I wore primarily black and sulked a lot. I wasn't a true goth of course - blonde hair you see :) More Cure to come.
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Funny_: Zidane's HeadButt Attack

Made me laugh - quite topical I suppose so what the heck. Enjoy.
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