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TV_: KITT vs KARR showdown

Knight Rider Rocks :)
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Funny_: Stewart Lee's opinions on tributes to Diana & Charles Darwin

Just brilliant.
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Funny_: Toothbrush Company - That Mitchell and Webb Look

So true - brings home how marketing people work and how we are all idiots for buying this crap.
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WOW_: High Speed gun fun

More fun with slow motion video and weapons - this one features some "people" shooting them. 2mins 02secs to 2mins 08secs is a site to behold.
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WOW_: Bullet in slow motion

Various bullets passing through stuff. Gun's are bad mmm'kay.
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Amazing - Ruben's Tube Experiment with Music and Fire

Freaky stuff
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Funny_: That Mitchell and Webb Look - Bad Vicar
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